Tuesday, June 10, 2014

As Promised, Better Pictures!

  I was able to borrow the good camera! It was lovely to use, and I ended up taking quite a lot of pictures. Many were blurry (chickens move a lot, and the day was cloudy. Not ideal conditions for clear photographs!), but I managed to get some really nice photos as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

  This post is about a cute little family of Seramas. They live a happy life in the chicken yard, twinkling like tiny stars in the sunlight, and singing about the joys of kitchen scraps.

  Just kidding. Actually, this post...

  ...is dedicated to the masterpiece that is also known as Turtle's beard.

  She would wish you a good Tuesday if she knew what a Tuesday was, so I'll wish you one on her behalf. I hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time for an Update!

  So here's the story: I no longer have chickens, because now I live away from home and don't really have the time to care for a flock of birds. However my parents and sister still have chickens, and since I'm visiting them currently, I thought I should post some pictures and write a bit about their lives (the birds' lives, not my family's. The birds are much more photogenic and amusing).
  It appears that in editing my Picasa Web Albums settings, I broke a ton of images on this blog. I've basically fixed that now, so feel free to take a look at some of the older posts if you want to see the old flock.

  Currently they have eight birds: Lord Firestar, Chipmunk, Yellow, Patience, Sparkle Sparkle, Champion, Prince Charlie, and Turtle. My parents ordered some from a hatchery and they should arrive this summer, so I'll try to give you wonderful readers an update when they show up.

  Guess what? Lord Firestar and his girls are still adorable. They tiptoe through the grass together and go broody a lot. Well, Lord Firestar doesn't go broody, but Chipmunk does at least once a year, and Yellow has been known to hop on the wannabe-parent bandwagon. Funny little birds.

  TURTLE! She's six years old now, according to my calculations. Maybe I'm wrong though, in which case she would be five. Either way, she's an old lady.
  She seems fairly energetic and healthy at the moment, thankfully, and has so far managed to avoid being caught by a predator. She still loves to fly out of the chicken yard and invite herself into the human house, and has charmed many people with her friendly, outgoing attitude.
  She also still lays eggs pretty regularly, which is pretty impressive.

  Patience lived in fear of Lord Firestar for most of his life, but this spring he finally stood up to the old king and took his place as boss of all tiny chickens. This development did not receive human approval, but we will allow it to continue unless he starts hurting Lord Firestar. So far Patience's reign seems to be peaceful enough.
  Champion and Sparkle Sparkle seem unimpressed, but they continue to follow him, because they can.

  Charlie is currently a lone duck in a world of chickens. He still fears humanity, so he takes shelter behind Turtle if we try to chase him. It's rather adorable. 
  He also wants to viciously attack us, but is too scared to do more than trundle toward us purposefully when we turn our backs. 

  Other than that, not a lot of bird news. I may borrow the family camera and take some really good quality photos later though! That might be a good project.