Monday, July 7, 2014

In Which I Babysit Fuzzy Creatures

As my mother, father, and sister all have other things to do at the moment, I am babysitting the new chicks. They arrived in the mail today, but seem incredibly healthy and energetic. They jump around, eat, and drink like... I don't know. Maybe like drunk guys. I haven't seen that many drunk guys, so that may be a bad analogy for all I know. Please forgive my ignorance.
So anyway, all of them are doing great. Except for one of them, who is much smaller and weaker than the others, and is currently in a brooder by himself (herself?), trying to recover from the trip. He's the rare chick McMurray sent, and is either a bantam or a very small standard breed. As a result, he was being trampled by the others, and we could instantly tell he wasn't going to survive if he tried to compete with them.
His name is Optimus, and we do not wish for him to return to the Well of All Sparks just yet.
So here I sit, keeping an eye on Optimus Prime, and blogging a bit because apparently even the fuzzy incarnation of a giant robot from Cybertron is not enough to hold my complete attention.
More pictures, and hopefully happy update, coming soon.

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