Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do you want the good news? Or would you rather have the good news?

Why yes, the title of this post was completely intentional. You know why?
Optimus is okay! Thanks to lots of effort, a bit of food, and an even tinier bit of yogurt, the poor little bird is now almost as energetic as her friends, and is once again able to participate in flock life.
"Why are you calling Optimus 'her'?" I hear you ask. Well, dear friend, here's the plot twist! It turns out Optimus was not the rare chick, but merely a rather tiny Easter Egger. The actual rare chick is a perfectly healthy and big bird who blended in well with the Wyandottes we got, but happens to have feather legs and what appears to be a single comb. Current bets say he's a Cochin, either black or splash in color. His name is Treasure, because he's rare. I guess.
The other chicks are named Circle, Rose, Capybara, Bandit, Skunk, Oreo, Arcee, and Judge Anderson. My sister wanted to name Circle 'Coconut Cream Pie', but somehow Circle ended up sticking.
Obligatory photo dump time. It's a small one though, since the brooder is dark, and flash photography is out of the question. I don't like posting blurry pictures, you see.
Rose and Arcee. Optimus is sleeping next to Arcee.

Capybara and Skunk? I think that's Skunk. It had better be, or else I'm contributing to the spread of misinformation on the internet.

This is Circle. See the circle marking on her head? Also, see my impressive use of Gaussian Blur to tone down the background? I feel so smart! I've never used that trick before, but somehow it turned out okay.

It's Circle! The middle one is Oreo or Bandit, and on the right is Capybara. She actually looks a bit like a capybara, amazingly enough.

Oh yes, and the second piece of good news is that we got four ducklings in the mail today. I can't tell them apart to save my life, and they're too panicky to have a camera shoved in their faces anyway, poor kids. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some pictures of them.

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