Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's the Circle of Life

Well, today Yikes died. She was about five years old and had been looking pretty droopy lately, so I guess it wasn't a surprise. Of course, even the fact that I was expecting this to happen didn't make it any less sad.
I guess this makes Sleeve-Eater the last of the original Plain Old Chickens flock. Fortunately she still seems healthy. Hopefully she'll stick around for another year at least.


But I have good news too. A few days ago, Jazz hatched six fluffy little ducklings. They follow her about, peeping whenever she accidentally leaves them behind, and often hop into the waterer to take a bath. Jazz and Charlie  are very protective of their babies and seem to love chasing off the chickens when they come too close.
Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pictures to show you. I'm sorry.


P.S. My web browser doesn't do exclamation points at the moment. Feel free to imagine them where ever you think they're needed.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Lots of pictures!

I know, I know, that really wasn't a brilliant title. But it's pretty accurate, given the nature of this post! In a moment I'm going to bombard you with my poultry photography, and you're going to love every moment of it (and if you don't love it, I'll unleash Turtle the Insane Easter Egger upon you).

Yikes is still very much alive. I often think that she'll outlive every single bird in our flock, including the ducks. She's such a tough old lady!

Charlie and Jazz
The ducks are all grown up now, of course. They lay about three eggs a day, so the refrigerator is always full. 

Kooshie still loves to fly up onto my arm. I'd be happier about this habit if I wasn't constantly feeling like she does it to spite Turtle.

And Turtle is in love with humans in general and me in particular. She loves to be cuddled. I can never decide whether I should be charmed or terrified by her adoration!

Patience is Lord Firestar's son. He was hatched last August. Lord Firestar likes to chase him around, but never actually hurts him as far as I can tell.

Champion and Sparkle Sparkle are Patience's sisters. I'd go into more detail about their relationship with him, but it's kind of creepy. What can I say? They're chickens.

Droplet and Flower
These guys are virtually identical. I can't tell them apart most of the time. Please don't hate me.

Lady Sandstorm
Lady Sandstorm is perfect. And charming. And saner than any of her children. I love her.

Chipmunk didn't inherit her mother's sanity. She's currently broody again, as is Yellow.

Lord Firestar
He might be even more perfect than Lady Sandstorm.

I hope at least some of these pictures made your day a bit better! I know they improved mine.