Wednesday, June 22, 2011


WARNING:  Absolutely adorable pictures ahead.  Do not read further if you have trouble restraining your desire to buy small, fuzzy animals.

Still with me?

Okay, you asked for it.

Left to right:  Izzy, Jazz, Droplet.

(Also left to right) Izzy, Jazz, Droplet, Prince Charlie, Flower.

Prince Charlie.
Yep, the Plain Old flock now includes ducks!  One Welsh Harlequin drake (Prince Charlie), two Buff hens (Flower and Droplet), and two Blue Swedish hens (Jazz and Izzy).  Five absolutely adorable two-day-old ducklings from Metzer Farms.

Can't tell them apart?  Well I can't really either.  They look kind of alike in these photos, except for Charlie maybe.  To help you with figuring out who's who, here's a quick guide:

Charlie (Named after a character in the little-known Ocean Girl TV series.  Look it up if you haven't heard of it):  Has stripes on his face.  He'll probably get a curly feather on his tail when he's older, too.
Izzy (Named by my dear sister) and Jazz (Short for Jasmine, I think):  Jazz has lighter colored spots on each side of her head; Izzy doesn't. 
Flower (She tried to eat a flower, thus her rather predictable name) and Droplet (She had a water droplet on her head.  Imaginative name, no?):  Flower is darker colored and fluffy; Droplet is pale and slender looking.

And no, they don't quack yet.