Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Girls and Tiny Fairies*

We (me, and the original creator and owners of this blog) moved the Big Girls onto our property yesterday.  They handled the move amazingly well (thanks to all their previous moving experience, no doubt), and had a great time eating grass and feed.  I spent a few hours sitting with them and feeling extremely happy.
  Today the Big Girls had another adventure.  The Seramas (who live next to the Big Girls so that everyone can be protected by electric fence) somehow managed to sneak into the Big Girls' area!  Sleeve-Eater wanted to attack them, but I was able to restrain her and she calmed down quickly and nobody else really noticed the trespassers.  So now the Seramas and the Big Girls are allowed to wander around the same yard.  So much for biosecurity, but at least no blood was shed.

*Big Girls: The original flock.  Tiny Fairies: A newly thought up name for the Seramas.  Yeah, I know I'm weird.


  1. Lord Firestar is a fairy, huh? May I ask how His Lordship feels about this? LOL
    Tell Kooshie to stay away from electric fences!!

  2. He gazes at me with big, worried eyes and makes cute little noises. I have no idea what he means though, sadly.

    Kooshie's been careful so far. Hopefully she'll never get herself tangled in the fence again!

  3. I bet I can guess. "*In a cute, worried voice* I don't know what that means, but I weawwy hope it's somethihng big and manly."

    I hope not!!! I think I was *almost* as worried as you were. Only thing that kept me from not being as worried as you is that she's your chicken. :P

  4. I think tiny fairies is a lovely name. ive heard such a lot about seramas but never seen one. There are so many different breeds i want to hatch or own.


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