Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big, big, BIG chickens!

I'm a bad blogger.  I have 57 followers waiting eagerly (well, I like to imagine that they're waiting eagerly anyway!) for my next post, and it usually takes a few months to appear.  Anyway, here it is!  The post you've all been waiting for! 

(Drumroll, please...)


Turtle is still the same.  She got used to me pretty quickly and started frantically trying to snuggle in my lap.  I told her that she was a little weirdo, but it was nice to be greeted so enthusiastically.
Cutie is bigger and fatter than ever.  One of her wattles is kind of shrivelled (it looks kind of gross), but she seems fairly healthy.
Sleeve-Eater and the elusive Yikes
Sleeve-Eater is still huge and feathery and cute.  She doesn't like being hugged, but she still tolerates it.
Yikes somehow managed to avoid all my attempts at taking a good picture of her.  She's still very shy and unfriendly, but I was happy to see her anyway.
Kooshie was nervous at first and mostly stayed away from me.  She calmed down after a bit and flew up on my arm though.  Then Turtle got jealous because she wanted to be cuddled instead of Kooshie, which was flattering and annoying.

Hopefully I'll get more pictures of them all soon!

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  1. I had two D'Uccle hens that would fight over my lap. Ducati had to sit on my left leg and Aprilia would be on my right. If Aprilia got on my left Ducati would get mad and snub me. Sometimes Ducati would fuss at Aprilia and make her get down. Once she got down she would go and sit on my hubby's lap.


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