Monday, December 6, 2010

Lord Firestar and Help

Time flies.  My last post was in, what, July?  Wow, that's hard to believe. 

The Seramas are doing fine.  They aren't broody any more, but they aren't really laying either. 
  Lord Firestar is just as adorable as ever, and he's still the gentlest rooster I've ever met.  He doesn't crow much these days, but I think that it's because he's a smart little boy, and not because he's sick.
  Lady Sandstorm is still a weirdo.  She loves to try to eat my hair, and her favorite treat is Cheddar cheese.  If anyone hands her a chunk of cheese, she'll frantically devour it.
  Yellow is pretty much the same, too.  She's pretty, calm, and undoubtedly the most sane member of her family. 
  Chipmunk doesn't fly much these days.  She'll still hop up into a bush if Lord Firestar starts chasing her, though.
  Help is a crazy, easily frightened goof.  A loveable bird, if you like chickens who fit the "chicken" stereotype.
  ...And Egglantine is still a fluffy, overgrown baby.  Her legs may be short, but she likes to wander farther than any of the others.

Only five of the original flock remain.  Sleeve-Eater, Cutie-Pie, Kooshie, Turtle, and (of course!) Yikes are still quite alive.  It'll be nice to see them again someday.