Friday, March 26, 2010

Fancy Old Chickens and forty followers!!

As of today, Plain Old Chickens  has forty followers!  I'm amazed, awed, and, inspired! 

  Because I was so inspired by you guys, I gave Plain Old Chickens a fancy new look!  Honestly, I think that this blog has never looked better!


  1. Thanks! It's the latest Blogger In Draft thing: easy-to-customize templates! I'm really excited!

  2. A naive question for Serama breeders: We're in Montana, but I'm interested in getting some Seramas to go with a few of rare/uncommon breeds we have. I read that Seramas can't withstand temperatures of <40 deg. Is that correct? My chicken house is heated, but it does get chilly when it's -30 outside, although I"ve never seen any frostbitten combs.

  3. Honestly, I'm not sure! I think they can handle lower temperatures but I really don't know.

    You might want to ask on Backyard Chickens. (The URL is


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