Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's finally 2010!  It feels kind of funny to press the zero key only once instead of twice!  Lord Firestar is crowing!  He's so cute.  He
  1. Stretches up his neck
  2. Rears back his head
  3. Puffs out his chest
  4. Stands up taller
  5. Crows!  It sounds like "I've got something to say!"

    Have a great new year!


    1. Little Chicken started crowing about a month and a half ago. He sounded awful, the poor a teenage boy with a crakling voice! LOL

    2. Happy Belated New Year & the chooks! I have 4 young large fowl roosters that haven't shown any sign of crowing yet, but tiny bantam chicklet Heathcliffe crowed when he was about 6inches high! It startled him so much that he hasn't crowed since!

    3. That's funny! Happy new year!


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