Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheesie in the house

Our silly hen Cheeseball. Top; Bluestar with a doll on her back. Cheesie watches her.
Bottom; Cheesie looking thoughtful.

Cheeseball has hardly been eating or drinking for a long
time. We finally decided to take action.
First we set a towel on the mud room floor.
Next we brought in a cage and set it on the towel.
We designed a feeder and waterer.
Then we padded the floor with shredded paper because the straw was damp and moldy (Cheeseball has plenty of health problems without nasty bedding).
We brought her in and read her "Hop on Pop".
She drank some water but has not eaten yet.

Poor Cheesie.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo gallery of Castle Snow, part 2

These are real photos that we took a while ago and dressed in armor using a computer "painting" program called krita.
The top picture is Mouse. I "painted" it after she died. Below that is Snowneck.
I will continue this series some other time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cutie-Pie chokes

Poor Cutie-Pie, she just wants to hatch babies
but Bluestar is sitting on her!

A few days ago we went to the chicken
yard and found Cutie-Pie
jerking and twisting her head.
We became very worried and called a
vet who specializes in birds (she lives
a few hundred miles away so there
was no way we were going to take her
in) 'no sorry, she won't be in
until tomorrow' we gave Cutie-Pie
water and food. Appointment
canceled, Cutie-Pie is fine.
The vet called anyway and
was very excited to hear that we
had seen her Naked Neck Turken
on the cover of Backyard Poultry
Moral: If your chicken is
jerking and twisting her head
around, give her water before
you start panicking!

Monday, February 9, 2009

So Many Eggs!

Glorious cardboard treasure chest!

Our flock of eleven is laying an average of six
eggs a day!
Many people report that their hens stop laying
for the winter but our birds have recovered
from their molt and are laying like crazy!
Kooshie and Turtle are both giving us green
eggs, Juliana is supplying pale cream eggs
and everyone else lays various shades of brown.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A "Golden Delicious"

Cheeseball is a nice girl.

This is Cheeseball.
She is not as well publicized as, say, Kooshie but no
doubt has a few admirers looking for an autograph!
She really is a nice hen.