Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poor, poor Help

No, she isn't dead, just dumb as a doornail!  Help kept preening her wing and forgetting to let go of it before turning her head!  The result?  She'd go running in circles shrieking though a beakful of wing!  Dumb pullet.
  I tried to help her by making a coat and.... She ran off screaming like it was trying to kill her!  I admit it, I did laugh a little.

  Ungrateful pullet.  


  1. It's funny. Sometimes when my chickens are scratching in the yard I throw feed into the coop to get them to go inside and leave the door wide open. Some of them will run up and down the side of the coop trying to get through the fence to the food, but can't. All they have to do is go only another two feet to the open door!

  2. To Chicken boys: Funny, my birds do that too!

    To Dreamstar: Thanks!

  3. A coat for a chicken? I hope you took a picture! Love what you're doing with the site. Have you given a presentation at 4-H?

    I found the napkin origami. Cute!!!

    - Grannie

  4. No, I didn't take a picture because I was too busy trying to catch the poor girl!
    I'm glad you like the crane!


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