Thursday, December 10, 2009


So much to write about!  I guess we'll start with that stirring speech I promised you!

First thing on my agenda:

"Way back in 2008, this blog was started to keep our family up to date on our chicken adventures.  We wrote very long, somewhat informative posts about raising chickens, and very long, fairly fun posts about our flock.
  It was fun.
  Then I got my very own Google account and it became even more fun!  I read other chicken blogs!  I commented!  Sometimes people commented here!  
  This blog has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since."

Second subject:

We visited the chickens!  Here are some pictures and updates:

Sleeve-Eater is big and fat although her comb is a bit pale.  She seems pretty happy and healthy.

Cutie-Pie is a little molty but she's okay too.

Juliana has calmed down a bit!  She isn't flighty any more!

Yikes is an evil old lady.  She's been tearing out Snowneck's pinfeathers!  Poor Snowneck is in full molt with almost half her feathers missing!  I'd show you the picture but it might hurt her feelings.

Mookie is very mad at me.  She was constantly pecking.

Kooshie's beard has finally grown back!  So cute!  Unfortunately, she has bumblefoot and we didn't have enough time to fix it.

Subject 3.

The Seramas are fine.  We got home today and found them all alive and well.  Yay!

Mostly good news! 


  1. Yeah, your blog is great!!! Wow, that is a lot of posts!

  2. Thanks! I was a bit amazed when I saw how many posts I had!


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