Monday, November 9, 2009

Some of the fabulous blogs and websites I've found!

You may be aware that the internet is vast.  I am very aware that I have only seen a small handful of the millions of websites out there!  Here are some of my favorite links (more will be added):

Poultry blogs:
Completely Quackers! A nice blog.  Lots of ducks and chickens!

It's a Poultry Thing Lots of great photography!

Poultry websites:
Backyard Chickens Want to learn everything about chickens?  BYC is the place for you!

Feathersite You can find almost any poultry breed here.

Brown Egg Blue Egg Lots of great articles!

American Poultry Association What chicken link list is complete without this site?

Omlet USA Want a nice, easy to clean coop?  Then this is the link for you!

My new chicken breeds spreadsheet!  Take a look at it!

Blogs by my cool followers:
Wings of a Horse Dreamstar's blog.

Heart 4 Art Eyecontact's blog.

Our Little Farm Jennifer's blog.
Fun blogs:
Ponderings of Two Guinea Pigs Okay, how can I not add a blog written by guinea pigs?!

Silly/fun YouTube stuff (absolutely NOTHING offensive!):
Thunderbirds Are Go~Alan's Dream Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, not the human-actor nonsense!

Rooster does a Birthday dance! This is a funny video!

If a link no longer works, please comment here.  If you want your blog/site on this list, comment here with the URL.
  I hope you like some of the links!


  1. Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog! =D

  2. Of course I like your blog! It's a good blog.

  3. Appreciate your listing. It's a lot of fun to share interests. It sounds crazy to some people, but when we got our first pullet eggs, we were so thrilled! Other chicken-people understand!

  4. SInce you invited more links, if you think my art blog is worthy, thanks for listing it. I do a lot of chicken-inspired work. :-) I photograph our adorable hens then work them into art cards, gifts, etc. Thanks for considering me.
    (hope I did that link correctly!)

  5. Isn't it great to know that there are thousands of people who love chickens? I think I'll go add your blog to my list now!


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