Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rabbits...for meat

Rabbits are very cute.  Rabbits are very fuzzy.  But, at dinner tonight, I learned a sad truth: rabbit meat is very tasty!  Have you tried rabbit?  It can be really good!
  The point is that we have a good reason to raise rabbits now.  I think we'll be choosing a New Zealand White or similar breed to start with.  This should be an interesting adventure!


  1. I've eaten rabbit. It is pretty good if it's cooked right. This past summer Mike and I were shooting the wild ones in the woods behind our home because the get in Mr. Wades garden. We ate them, but I don't think I could raise them to eat. I can't eat my own chickens, and I love a good chicken breast.

  2. I am pretty sure we could. It would be sad but I think we'd be able to eat it!


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