Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rabbit project and day 2 outside

Today was the 4-H Rabbit Project meeting.  We learned about Showmanship (I always think it would be funny if girls did showgirlship~there's a funny breed of chicken called a Showgirl!) which was interesting.  I definitely won't be doing it though!  It looks hard!

  Egglantine & friends are doing okay despite the fact that Lady Sandstorm is a peckish creep.  They're getting along pretty well in the Eglu now!  I wish we could move so Lord Firestar could join them.
  Well that's the news!  Not a lot going on here, is there?


  1. Very nice new blog header. Snowneck is such a great name. We had some excitement yesterday when a hawk swooped close over our hens who were free-ranging in the yard! No problems, since a human was nearby and chased it away. But the hens had a lot to say for several hours afterward. I thought they were having a critical incident debriefing. :-)

  2. I'm glad you like the new header!
    Good thing your hens were okay, that must have been scary for them! Poor girls.


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