Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poultry project fun!

I just got back from the poultry project.  As usual, it was very fun!  My favorite part was when we made chicken treats!  Here's the recipe:

Chicken treats
You need:
  • Peanut butter
  • A pine cone
  • String
  • Scratch or feed or birdseed
First tie a string around the pine cone.  This will make it easy to hang.  Coat the pine cone with peanut butter.  It doesn't have to be drowned it the stuff, just coated with enough to make it sticky.  Roll the cone in seed.
  You might have to put it in your fridge for a bit before giving it to your chickens.  Have fun!


  1. Very neat idea... I've done this for the wild birds I feed, but never thought to make if for the Chickens.

  2. It's fun to make and fun to give! I love the poultry project!

  3. My daughter and I make these for birds in the winter time. It's really a fun project. Like someone said before me, I never thought of doing it for our chickens too. They are already spoiled rotten....why not do this too! LOL

  4. Spoiled chickens lay delicious eggs, right?


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