Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wonder if we'll ever get eggs again....

I really miss getting eggs.  I don't think we've gotten one since August!  Here's what I want:

Aren't they pretty?

Also, I started trying out png for some of my pictures.  The nice thing is that png supports transparency!  I would use gif except for a small problem:  my favorite image editing program rejects that type of image!  Very annoying.
  Oh, and here's an example:

You can't see it here but that picture is transparent where it looks white.  Cool!

Edited to add:  if you click and drag this picture, you can see the writing underneath!


  1. I see some silkie eggs in there :-D

    One day, I dream of getting a blue or green egg... one day :)

  2. They must be stealth Silkies then! Non-silkied, yellow skinned, crestless Silkies!

    Blue/green eggs are cool. I hope you get some too!

  3. YOU HAVENT GOTTEN ANY EGGS SINCE AUG.?!!! Why....... Thats sad. Ours started laying in Aug. and so far still going, get anywheres from 14-20 eggs a day :)

    Hope they start back up for ya soon.

  4. With only one hen (who went broody!) you don't get a lot of eggs! Hopefully Lady Sandstorm will start laying again and "the gang" should start in December or January.
    Fingers crossed.

  5. Are your hens molting? Our hens if molting don't lay. We are getting eggs now even though days are short. The pullet eggs are so dainty and cute. I hope you get eggs soon!
    Yes, PNGs are great. Really fun to play with transparency in illustration!

  6. We just only have one hen who is old enough to lay and she's broody! A little annoying.

    PNGs are so fun!


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