Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally, a wet day!

It rained a bit!  For some queer reason, Lord Firestar was hanging out in the damp Eglu run by himself.  Maybe he thinks he'll be more heroic with wet feathers.  All the girls were staying in the Eglu house, occasionally going out to eat.
  They are all getting along pretty well now.  Even evil Lady Sandstorm is being fairly good.  I can hardly believe that little creep became tolerably nice!  I love her.

Here's a picture I just finished doing:

Nothing quite as satisfying as making the perfect picture!


  1. If you had just asked I would have sent you some of our rain! We got over 8 inches last week because of tropical Storm Ida.

  2. LOVE this photo! You have a wonderfully artistic touch with pictures. And to think you're note crazy about having people take pictures of you!


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