Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big slumber party!

All the girls are sleeping in the Eglu tonight!  If it works, we'll only have Lord Firestar living in the house!  I'm going to check on them now. 

Everything looks fine.  Just a big puddle of sleepy Seramas.  Hopefully they'll just decide to live together.


  1. With the number of birds you have, I assume it's the eglu cube, not the little eglu, right? I'm very curious to hear about your experience with the eglu. Please post lots of pics!

  2. Actually, it's the standard Eglu (I wish it was a Cube!). And five Seramas fit pretty well in there! Thank you for asking me to clarify what I was talking about, sometimes I forget I have newer readers as well!
    Those Eglus are great coops. I love my pink one.


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