Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beautiful Lord Firestar

Lord Firestar is so cute!  He and the three musketeers (formerly The Gang) like to go exploring together.  He watches over them with a worried look on his face.
  At last!  A happy family!  Even Lady Sandstorm is starting to tolerate everybody.

Like the new template?  I think I'll need to fix the header but it looks good!  Very calm and stately, just like Snowneck!


  1. We had a 'surprise' boy (guaranteed to be a hen), and we had to get rid of him. He was gorgeous, but gave the hens too much grief. Are you keeping the rooster because you want chicks? I would have loved to keep our rooster, but he was turning so mean! Our sweet hens were relieved when he was no longer harassing them. I hope your boy is nicer! He's very handsome!

  2. Yes, he's the flock breeding rooster. Plus, he's the sweetest, cutest rooster I've ever met! At sixteen ounces, he's very easy to handle, too!
    I love Seramas!

  3. Wow. a sweet rooster! Glad to meet him! Now I know some of those feathered boys are nice. :-)

  4. It's rare but it does happen!


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