Friday, October 16, 2009

Poultry fashion show

Because barely anything has happened lately, I'm doing a beauty contest.  Here is almost every chicken we've owned so far (except the cockerels, I didn't see any good pictures of them sitting around).  Please tell me who you think is the prettiest:

Yikes: Dainty Black Star hybrid.

Cutie-Pie: Big tough Gourmet Black hybrid.

Bluestar: Frail but pretty Gourmet Black.

Cheeseball: Gentle (dead) Red Ranger hybrid.

Sleeve-Eater: Gentle, frowning Gourmet Black.

Snowneck: Big, deep-voiced Gourmet Black.

Mouse: Cute (dead) Gourmet Black.

Trespassers: Glorious (dead) Partridge Cochin.

Mookie: Sweet Buff Orpington.

Kooshie: Happy Easter Egger mutt.

Turtle: Adoring Easter Egger mutt.

Juliana: Cool Salmon Faverolles.

Lord Firestar: Kind Serama.

Lady Sandstorm: Hair-loving Serama.

Chipmunk: Flight-happy Serama.

Yellow: Sweet miniature Mookie Serama.

Help: Cute and dumb Serama

Egglantine: Pathetic, whiny baby.

Results will be posted on Halloween unless I forget.  So comment before October 31 if you want a certain chicken to get the prize!  If no one comments, I will decide who wins!


  1. Hard choice, I think Chipmunk has to win.

  2. Aww, all so cute! But my vote goes to Chipmunk, she looks so gorgeous in that picture!

  3. Diificult - but Kooshie is my favourite x

  4. Gosh, Snowneck's picture is so dramatic, but I'll give my vote to beautiful fire-feathered (and dead) Tres ....


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