Friday, October 9, 2009

My friends!

Not my human friends though.  This IS the evil internet after all!  But here are some of my best friends.... including a few you've never met!


Puff-Puff (better known as Puff) was a great hunter. She liked showing off all the mice she caught! We always praised her and told her how clever she was. Such a sweet cat! Puff loved people.


Silly was my hamster. He/she was a nice pet as long as you didn't disturb him/her during the day! One of my former human friends made this mistake! Nobody ever did that again as long as Silly lived!


Sweet, gentle Snowneck was a vicious beast as a pullet. She often pecked at us or bit us. Fortunately she quickly grew out of that and became a wonderful friend.


Kooshie is a great hunting hawk. She isn't actually a hawk but she flies up like one! A very silly and sweet bird.

Lord Firestar

Perhaps the nicest rooster ever hatched, Lord Firestar is a good friend.  He tolerates a lot of hugging!  Occasionally he helps me with my blog posts!


Remember Quackie? He flew away a while ago but we still think about him a lot. He was a very funny duck, especially when he waddled around our house, feet thwacking on the floor!


Chipmunk is my newest best friend! She is very funny and cute.  She is a co-author of Mookie and Kooshie.

So there are a few of my best friends!  Of course, I like all of my animals, not just these ones.


  1. I love to look at snowneck pictures, such a nice looking hen, it would be totally cool to have a hen like that!

  2. Is that your Grandpa Bill that Puff is rubbing against? Fond memories of visiting Puff and even painting a portrait of her when I visited Vashon.

    Silly and Snowneck are familiar names.

  3. Nobody-but-us-chickens: Thank you! If I start breeding birds like her, I'll remember to tell you!

    Joyce: I'm not sure. It might be. Puff was sweet!

  4. What wonderful friends you have!
    I found your blog through Chicken Boys and would like to link yours to mine. That way it will be much easier for me to visit you regularly...



  5. Hi! Go ahead and link if you want! What's your blog by the way? I would like to know!


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