Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's raining!

It's true!  Buckets of water are pouring out of the sky!  I'm so happy!  We really needed some rain.  This is what, the second rain we've gotten since we moved?  Anyway, the puddles are almost one inch deep in some places.
QuackStar would have loved this.
The "city slickers" who have grown up here will be horrified by all this water(no offense intended, city people)!  I hope Lady Sandstorm is a wimp because I'm not sure if Egglantine can take this much dampness yet.  The garden will like it though!


  1. Yay, rain is back! Where are Sandstorm, Firestar, and the chicks staying, still in their igloo our in the house? I hope they stay dry, where ever they are :)

  2. Lord Firestar is in the house and Lady and Eggie are in the Eglu! They really didn't like the wind!

  3. Didn't the stormy weather make you feel you're in WA or OR again? And today - ah, CA!

    I'm going to Portland next week with college friends. Will think of you at Powells.

  4. I loved that rain! It was LIFE, it was HAPPINESS! It was JOY and EXHILARATION!


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