Thursday, October 15, 2009

How I got chickens

It just occured to me that most of you don't really know how I first got crazy about chickens!  This post will enlighten you.

Way back in April, 2007, some friends bought fifty meat chicks to raise for a banquet.  The chicks were very cute!  They grew up to become big, fat chickens.  Then butchering day came and all were killed and gutted...except for six pullets who were spared.
  The friends went on a trip which left my mom and little sister to take care of them (I was absolutely against chickens).  But I went out to help feed them...And fell in love!  Really.  It only took one day for me to decide I liked chickens!
  Of course they have names!  Snowneck, Cutie-Pie, Mouse, Mr. Cheeseball (we thought Cheesie was a boy at first!), Sleeve-Eater and Bluestar.  Yikes came later and became queen and Old Lady of the flock.
  Chickens are like potato can't have just one.


  1. My chicken addiction started when we moved to our lovely house in the countryside. 6 chooks came with the house as the previous owners were emigrating to New Zealand. I was hooked straight away & now we have 22 chooks & 13 chicks :oD

  2. I know how it feels! Chickens are so much fun!


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