Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night, the girls all got moved! 

Lady Sandstorm went into the girls' cage with Egglantine.  I was amazed when Eggie made it onto the higher perch which is 14" off the ground!  Talented Eggie!

The girls slept in the Eglu!  I think they liked it.  Every time the hear something scary, they go hide in the Eglu.  Very cute.


  1. Those poor things! I know chickens hate change. Hope it wasn't too traumatizing! Bless their little hearts. Maybe they will be happier together like that.

  2. They seem fine with switching housing. The girls have been ready for the outdoors for a while and Egglantine needed the warmth. So everyone is okay with the housing arrangements.

  3. I got my first pullet egg yesterday and another today, isn't it fun to see you work come to fruit?
    your snowneck hen is a Gourmet Black what breed is that?

  4. How cool! Don't you love those first eggs?
    Gourmet Black is a meat hybrid of some sort. I am not sure what the mix is. As you may have noticed, they are quite pretty!


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