Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too scary!

Lady Sandstorm is broody, she doesn't b'gack unless something is wrong! We went out to check on her. Egglantine was out! When she saw me, Egglantine ran for the nearest cover...under the Eglu.

Poor Lady Sandstorm was running back and forth in the run, calling for her baby. I let her out and she clucked frantically. But Eggie would not come out! Finally we got Eggie out by lifting the Eglu up and grabbing him/her. Lady Sandstorm was very happy!


  1. Poor Lady Sandstorm! How dare her baby run away from her and not listen! LOL!

  2. You should have seen how worried she was! Poor hen.

  3. Eglantine is very cute - all our chicks are named "Sheldon" :)

  4. Thanks! We like her a lot...even if she IS a little cry baby!


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