Thursday, September 3, 2009

News and ChickenTales episode 3

Lady Sandstorm is still plopped on her egg. Lord Firestar is still sad about his wife. The chicks are excited and scared because we moved them into a big cage with a roost! They will perch... but only if you set them on the roost. They like having more room to bounce off the walls and act silly.


  1. Ooh, marvelous episode! The joys and pathos of the chicken. Thank you for capturing their tender moments in such an exquisite, honest, true fashion!

    Great chickentale!

  2. Poor Lord Firestar isn't having much luck lately what with moulting then being rejected! Bless him! xx

  3. No, he really isn't having much luck, poor guy. The good thing is that we candled Lady Sandstorm's egg and saw something that looked a lot like a developing chick! I REALLY hope the egg will hatch!


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