Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, he's gone.

It has been three days since we last saw QuackStar. Not a sign of him since. I guess we'll have to hope he has made it to some sort of duckie paradise because it is very unlikely that we will ever see him again. Little did we know that he had planned to leave precisely two months after we first met him!
You might have guessed that I am pretty sad about this. Yes, it is the saddest thing since Cheeseball's death. And Cheeseball's death was the saddest thing since Mouse's death! That proves that we miss QuackStar.
I hope he's okay.


  1. Hopefully, he's kickin' it with some nice looking ducktail in a cool pond somewhere...

    Sorry for your loss. :(

  2. Well he isn't at the tea garden! Hopefully he's fine. We miss our little masked bandit!

  3. I read your QuackStar adventures with interest because as you will know from visiting my blog we are raising 4 rescued Mallard ducklings. What a great job you did with him & what a great blog to read. I'm sure he will do well after the great start to life you gave him. Best wishes, Sara xx

  4. Thank you! I hope he will come back but he is a flying Mallard. Maybe he will... but I doubt it!


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