Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wings and tails

Chick news:
The chicks are looking great. Their shoulder feathers are coming in now and their wings are lovely. It looks like we won't have any (boring) solid colored birds! They all have nice patterns on their feathers. Obviously they were all misnamed (except Help, of course!).

Lord Firestar news:
Lord Firestar, the most beautiful rooster ever, has lost his tail! Now he only has a pathetic stump. Hopefully it will grow back soon. He looks ridiculous!
Despite molting, he is still sweet and friendly. I love Seramas!


  1. Oh bless him! I do hope he gets his magnificent tail feathers back soon, but tell him from me I still think he's handsome ;-)

  2. Poor Lord! He is very happy to hear that his fans still love him!

  3. Hope the feathers come back soon! He's stunning

  4. I hope so, too! I miss seeing his proud tail! Very nice little rooster.


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