Sunday, July 26, 2009

What do I love about chickens? Lets see...

  1. They are extremely silly. After eating, the Big Girls have such ridiculously bloated crops it looks like they are the greediest birds ever.
  2. The eggs. Once you've eaten a real egg, you'll never want to go back. Rich, golden, delicious and beautiful are all words which describe eggs fairly well.
  3. Beauty. Be it a tiny Serama or a giant Gourmet Black, nothing is quite as elegant as a chicken.
  4. Friendly. Any good chicken is willing to be hugged and petted, maybe even kissed.
  5. Intelligent. You can teach your greediest hen to jump for food in a matter of minutes!
  6. Inexpensive games. Give your birds a pear core and they will run about the yard, trying to steal the treat from each other. Who needs baseball?
  7. Combs and wattles. No reason, I just like them.
  8. Very cute. There's nothing like a fluffy-bearded Easter Egger to make you smile.
  9. Double yolkers!!! Getting a huge egg is very fun. Snowneck regularly lays a massive egg (we measured one to find out what egg turner we would need if we wanted to hatch her eggs~goose size).
  10. Feathers. Gorgeous feathering is lovely to see.

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