Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Worried Seramas and speedy ducks!

Lord Firestar and Lady Sandstorm react very differently when they see a hawk. Lord Firestar gets smaller and makes funny noises but Lady Sandstorm stands up extra tall and says "Buk-buk-buk". They are both very silly.

QuackStar is really, really fast. We let him outside today and he ran! It was ridiculous how fast he was~he could probably outrun Lord Firestar and Lady Sandstorm. We barely caught him! Crazy duckling.
He seems to have bonded with us. If he's in the brooder, he's unhappy so we carry him around with us a lot.


  1. What a cute little duck, probably a wild mallard, he looks like the ones at my parents and also a wild duck comes close to the chickens with her brood, they look like your Quackstar as well. Sometimes the mother duck has up to 15 chicks so probably one became lost from the others. At my parents the wild ducks take their babies from the pond to a lake that is a mile away through rough country, so I could see how a baby could become lost from the others. I had pet ducks as a child, they make good pets and were a lot of fun.

  2. He's a great pet so far! We are brooding him in the house and he loves to run after us when he's let out. The poop is a bit annoying. Your chicks look great!


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