Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feed is amazing!

We always give our birds the best feed available. For a long time that was organic laying feed. After we moved, we switched to whole-grain homemade organic feed supplemented with grit and oyster shell.
But what do you feed a duckling? QuackStar refused to eat the ground grown-up feed mixed with water (it was safe to give him/her some because it has no calcium) and dry was just as bad. We visited the wonderful farm supply store and asked for duckling feed. They did not have any but they had Flock Raiser which is suitable for turkeys, geese and ducks. We bought a chick feeder and two pounds of Flock Raiser for less than four dollars! QuackStar loved it! He (I will call QuackStar a he from now on) is now eating and making up for lost time.

Serama news
Lady Sandstorm has learned how to escape from the Serama cage. She lays eggs fairly often. Lord Firestar is being good, he stays in the cage and worries about his very silly wife. He dances around her. They love being outside together.

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