Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving Day For Chickens

Poor Big Girls!
What will we do without seventy or more eggs in the fridge all the time?

The chickens are once again living several hundred miles away. They will be staying there for now until we have enough room for ten (fat) hens again. Moving them was no fun since they were panting the whole time.
The next day we had to take down the fence which separates our birds from the "babysitter's" birds. I hate to say it but the fights were rather interesting to watch (we pulled them apart as quickly as we could but fighting chickens are hard to catch). Strangely, it seemed that the chickens were fighting birds who looked like them: Mookie and another Orpington, Sleeve-Eater and a Dominique, Kooshie and an Easter Egger (Turtle watched the Easter Egger fight with great interest).
I will keep you up-to-date with all our Serama adventures.


  1. I had been thinking of moving some of the girls to my parent's farm for the summer. I just hate the thought of the fights when I return them all together again in the fall.

  2. We have introduced chickens to each other before and it isn't much fun! I suppose it would work, though. I hope it all works out okay!


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