Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Field Guide To The Young Flock

I have no idea what order these pictures will end up in so you will have to try figuring out who each bird is.
The pale gold Orpington hen is Mookie. She is gentle and calm.
Next (I think) is a photo of Easter Eggers Turtle and Kooshie dust bathing. Turtle is in the front.
Our third picture is the beautiful Cochin Trespassers laying in a cage.
And the final photo shows our Faverolle Juliana being herself!


  1. Hi, Jane - such pretty chickens! My son got some new ducks & geese recently - I've been busy with stuff & t-a-x-e-s & stuff so haven't seen them yet.
    I got some lovely nettles yesterday, & made pesto - found the recipe on a blog & had to try it!! I've almost devoured the first batch! Thought of you when I was writing about nettles & had to stop by :)


  2. Thank you for visiting, admire the blog, say hi to the ducks and geese for me...


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