Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutie...In the house again

Cutie-Pie eating hay.
The other photo is Snowneck (I just had to use that lovely picture!).

Cutie-Pie must live to drive us crazy!
She stuffed her crop full of straw despite our best efforts to clean up the chicken yard. So now she's in the house. Again.
We have a plan for getting her crop empty without surgery: feed her ground up feed with some mineral oil, give her grit to eat and mix nettle infusion into her water. We hope it will work!
Poor crazy Cutie-Pie.


  1. That is interesting...so is she just eating straw?

  2. Cutie-Pie eats other things as well but she seems to be addicted to straw.
    We currently have her outside and crop is pretty full but she's doing okay!

  3. That is funny...our chickens get straw, but none of them are crazy about eating it :).

    P.S. thanks for the feedback on my blog!


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