Saturday, January 31, 2009

Turtle: Brat or Cutesy Kid?

Is that one of the cutest birds you've ever seen or what?!

We have not written much about Turtle but she is
our resident blue egg producer.
The poor kid has layed maybe five eggs so far, all in various
bright shades of turquoise, green and blue.
But she also has another side, a brat side.
You have just settled down to watch the chickens from
a spot which you have verified as poo-free when
you hear one of the new pullets.
"UGH!" Says the pullet. It's Turtle, the not-so-miniature Brat
of the chicken yard! You might want to move before she starts
climbing onto your lap (she has been known to track
mud and things far worse on her friends).
But she's so friendly you might want to hug her!
Just don't let her burrow, okay?
She's the rudest hen we have ever met and the only one
known to dirty her human pals with vomit.
Somehow we always forgive her (maybe because she
IS the most adoring chicken we've ever met).

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