Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell, Mouse

Today could easily be the saddest day of our time raising chickens.
We went to visit the hens.
Mouse was in the nesting box, unnaturally cold and still.
We had to dismantle the nesting boxes to remove her.
Mouse was, and is, gone.

How did she die?
Evil, cute Mouse always did have breathing problems---we think she somehow suffocated but who knows?

Now before we go into mourning we would like to tell that our birds were most certainly troubled and disturbed by the sight of stiff, cold Mouse.
So much for emotionless chickens.
This is our first loss and we are very sad


  1. Lots of Reiki and hugs to all of you. Lighting a candle for Mouse here! xo k-

  2. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Mouse. I bet the others will miss her too.

  3. Thank you Kara and James for your kind thoughts regarding Mouse! The others were sad for awhile, but have gotten over it. Chickens are very pragmatic!

    Thank you!
    Jane, Amri, and Gwynne

  4. So sad!
    I predict that you will survive. Somehow. I miss her, too.



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