Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breed of the Month: Salmon Faverolle

What can we say?
Faverolles are just about the coolest chickens ever!
Wacky movie stars with crazy feet, no flock is complete without these unique novelty chickens!
Juliana started out being a whitish "dirty chick" she is now desert brown with black-and-white highlights. Wow!

Don't worry if your birds are ragged

We know a lot about molting because our chickens have done it twice in two years
(yes, they aren't supposed to molt in the first year!).
We just ignore it.
Here is Sleeve Eater's charming backside.

Our Advice:
Just pretend that your hens are fine!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kooshie's cool eggs!

Well Amri's Ameraucana, Kooshie, has finally started laying.
She layed her first beautiful light blue-green egg on October 29, 2008!
Here she is, all grown up!

And here's Gwynne's Buff Orpington, Mookie.
She has been laying for a while now.