Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby chicks are calling

Yes, we have finally gotten around to updating this blog with the latest news:
The pullet in the photo is Kooshie.
She`s an Ameraucana (no, I did NOT mean Araucana).
The other chicks we are keeping;
Mookie, a Buff Orpington.
Juliana, a Salmon Faverolle.
Turtle, another Ameraucana.
And Trespassers, a Partridge Cochin.

They are very cute (just look at the picture!) and we love them!

From Jane: Right away, the birds have been showing a lot of personality! Mookie, the Buff Orpington seems the sweetest and mellowest. The Ameraucanas were very inquisitive and energetic from the start. The white wyandottes (the "dots", our meat bird cockerels) are very loud cheepers. Juliana, the salmon favarolle captured our hearts. She is the tiniest, but is into everything -- a zippy, fun little bird. Trespassers seems to be more aloof. She'll take a little taming!

Back to Amri:

About Faverolles: This breed is worth mentioning again!
Faverolles have five toes, feather feet and beards! Bet you never knew that!