Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breed of the Month: Salmon Faverolle

What can we say?
Faverolles are just about the coolest chickens ever!
Wacky movie stars with crazy feet, no flock is complete without these unique novelty chickens!
Juliana started out being a whitish "dirty chick" she is now desert brown with black-and-white highlights. Wow!


  1. O delightful! I had no idea when I first started looking at blogs 3 days ago I would find one on chickens! I love my chickens. They are so fun to watch and even hand feed sometimes. Maybe you can answer a question. We lost or flock due to errant child leaving the coop door open (we live in the middle of the sonoran desert) feathers everywhere, sadness. But, the upshot is we can't find anyone that sells the variety of chicks we first had. You have to buy in big numbers or stick to the Reds or Arichonda's (sp?)

  2. That`s sad.
    We have never personally lost a bird but it would be horrible.
    Our searches have uncovered two sources of chickens in minimum orders of 3;
    Meyer Hatchery and My Pet Chicken.
    Maybe this will help.


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