Thursday, April 3, 2008

Started pullets and Seramas

"What is a Serama?" You ask.
A Serama is a very tiny bantam, the smallest in the
world, actually.
These chickens can weigh as little as 12 ounces and stand
a mere 6 inches off the floor!
Cute but not useful.
If you want to see pictures (stop being so demanding!)
you can go to the website Little America which
originally carried miniature horses but now has Seramas
as well.

We recently discovered started pullets.
If, say, you suddenly needed eggs really badly
and all the fuel in the world had just run
out, you could send an order to McMurray Hatchery and
have those layers in half the time of raising chicks!
Wait, that wouldn't work without fuel, would it?!

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  1. Hey, Amri, you said that Seramas are "cute but not useful". Guess what?
    They are in my BIG POULTRY PLANS for 2009.
    Just thought I would point that out.


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