Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Great Website!

A great discovery beyond imagining!
Someone who loves chickens as much as we do!
The creator of My Pet Chicken!
Your excited editor found everything there from books to baby chicks~the place has a very reasonable minimum order of three to five chicks.
And the chicks aren't just white Leghorns, either.
(Think more in the direction of Cochins and Chanteclers, Wyandottes and Buckeyes) They sell a selection of rare birds will impress you!
All the chickens are sexed so you won't have to eat a single one.
They have diapers for the indoor chicken so you won't need to deal with poopy furniture.
Find out what breed is best for you~they have a useful "which breed" quiz to help you discover your dream breed.

Now go take a look. My Pet Chicken

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  1. Oh darn, wish I would have thought about it when I saw it: But I came across this great .jpg of this chicken cut out and huge and in amazing detail -- you could copy it and make it your desktop and stuff. But I didn't think of it then to grab the link and post it here! next time... :)



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