Saturday, February 9, 2008

Field Guide To The Flock

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Our Flock

Nickname: Burping (really!)
Breed: Black Gourmet
Distinguishing features: Large, grumbly fashion statement. Snowy, elegant chest and neck.
Favorite pastime: Eating. also inspecting human creations.
Story: She's the main inspiration for some stories that we're writing

Full Name: Bellatrix LaMousemeat, also Bellatrix LaCuddly and Bellatrix LaTerrified
Breed: Black Gourmet
Distinguishing features: A funny comb (see photo). Completely terrified
Favorite pastime: Worm hunting
Story: One night I was turning on the electric fence, and Mouse was still wandering about. "Good night, Mouse," I said, and Mouse went off to bed.

Nick Names: Little Old Lady With No Teeth and Booping
Breed: Black Star
Distinguishing features: Black feathers with streaks of brown.
Favorite pastime: Pecking shoes
Story: One day Yikes was complaining. She was standing on one leg, and each time she changed pitch, she wiggled her leg.

Nicknames: Cheesie or Ball
Breed: Red Ranger (we think)
Distinguishing features: Large, fat, and waddly.
Favorite pastime: Staying away from Snowneck
Story: When we feed her, she looks at us expectantly, yearning for more, and sometimes leaps for food in your hand.

Nickname: Cutie The Beauty
Breed: Black Gourmet
Distinguishing features: Very stripey, with bright yellow legs and feet; chalk-pink tiny comb and wattles.
Favorite pastime: For awhile it was sitting on eggs (or horse chestnuts that we stuck in her nesting box in place of eggs that we took).
Story: One day while Cutie was broody we kept turning her around to pet her beak, and then leaving. We opened the nesting box flap, expecting her to have turned back, but there she was, glaring at us!

Sleeve Eater
Nicknames: Sleeves and Eater
Breed: Black Gourmet
Distinguishing features: Says "Booboop!" when you grab her.
Favorite pastime: Acting wise and saying, "Hm."
Story: One time Cutie-Pie was sitting on Sleeve Eater in the nesting box. Eater had her head squished under herself. She just looked like a body with no head.

Nicknames: Little Blue and Little Paper
Breed: Black Gourmet
Distinguishing features: Stripey neck. She says "peep peep peep" and is very inquisitive.
Favorite pastime: Being held and having her wattles stroked.
Story: How she got her name: One day she tried to climb up the slanted metal shelter propped against the hen house. We had been reading Warriors, and Bluestar was a leader in that series, so the name Bluestar seemed perfect.


See How They Grow: Chick. Photographed by Jane Burton.
Not very useful, but extremely cute pictures.

Funny Frank by Dick King-Smith.
A tale about a rooster who wants to be a duck by an author who knows chickens. Great for all ages!


  1. I have two comments. No, actually I have two questions.
    1. What is a wattle?
    2 How many wattles does a chicken have?
    No - I have a third question.
    3. Does a wattle look like a waffle?

    I enjoy your chickens scratching.

    Thank you

  2. Wattles dangle under a chicken's chin and complete the bird's regal look.
    They look more like cornflakes than waffles, actually.
    The spiky crown on a chicken's head is called a comb.



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