Friday, February 8, 2008

Catching Up On The News

Cutie The Broody, in her motherly anger

Wow, we have so much chicken news that we'll just send this incomplete summary of our chickens' antics, and perhaps fill you in on additional details later. The following news items were written over the course of the past four

NEWSFLASH, October 17, 2007


Broody; when a hen tries to hatch her eggs.
Cutie-Pie; the highly striped hen.
We believe that Cutie is broody. Why?
One. because we have been finding stripey down in the nesting boxes.
Two. Cutie was in the nesting box all day yesterday.
Three. She left when we removed the eggs from under her.
Four. She is in there today.

So there you go. No, we did not get a rooster. There will be no chicks (the editor is sad to say this).

Look where Snowneck wanted to lay her egg!


1. They are very amusing.

2. Nothing beats fresh-farm chicken eggs, with their brilliant orange yolks

3. Much cheaper than other birds you can buy

4. Many of them don't fly away, unlike other birds you can keep

5. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from

6. There are a wide variety of egg colors to choose from

7. You can compost their poo up -- makes great compost for your garden!

8. All natural control -- chickens eat bugs!

9. Chickens scratch the soil -- good ground-prep for a future garden

10. You don't need a rooster for them to lay eggs

11. There's nothing so beneficial as home-laid eggs

12. Chickens are very cuddly -- especially the fatter breeds

13. Chickens are cheaper than landscaping and just as decorative